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Legal Consultation

Dealmoney Real Estate are not limited to supporting purchase/selling transactions in the real-estate domain. We walk with our clients all the way, assisting them with all the aspects that go on in any real-estate deal. We have experts onboard who provide support on legal matters pertaining to any property that the customer is keen to invest in.

Detailed Scrutiny Of Project's Legal Situation

Our legal heads ensure that every project or property that we bring to you from the market is free of legal issues. We ascertain whether the builder has clean lawful land proprietary rights. We check if the developers have all legal approvals and clearances from concerned authorities, electricity board, water and sewage functionaries of the area and other departments. We examine the sanctioned plans of the project and whether deviations, if any, are under permissible limits.

Only when we are thoroughly satisfied, do we partner with the developer and add the projects to our list of offerings to our esteemed clients.

Legal Assistance All The Way

The staff at Dealmoney Real Estate is trained to assist you with the legal procedures that are integral and important for the completion of any deal. Besides we have in-house legal advisors that our team freely consults for specific cases. These consultants are easily available to address any particular concerns that you may have.

While investing in a project, your personal relationship manager helps you get the sale deed duly signed, as per lawful obligations. We also assist you to get any loans from reputed banks of desired. We mediate between the buyer and the seller's lawyers, if any, and interpret the wordings on the legal papers for the property. In specific terms, we cover smooth execution of documents such as the Buyer-Seller Agreement, Sale Deed, Deed of Apartment, possession documents, and property registration in your name.

Some Useful Tips:

Whilst we are always happy to be of service to you and address the legal aspects of your transactions, it is always beneficial to have first-hand knowledge of some of the generic issues. We have compiled handy checklists for you for the same.

A. Legal Approval Checklist

  • Whilst selecting a property for purchasing, the completeness of the following should be ensured:
  • The title of property is in the name of the developer.
  • Sanctioned plans for the project are clear and available.
  • Commencement certificate has been issued and produced before you.
  • Clearance certificate from electricity board, water and sewerage board and other authorities.
  • The Agreement for Sale and Sale Deed, duly stamped, executed and registered are in your possession.
  • Whether the project has approved bank loans, since it is an indicator of genuineness, having undergone the banks' detailed scrutiny before approval.

B.Document Checklist

  • The following documents are needed before you can buy a property:
  • Identity Proof - ration card, voter's id, passport etc.
  • PAN Card.
  • Bank Account details.

C. Checklist For Thoroughness Of Buyer-Seller Agreement

  • Ensure that the following are well catered to:
  • Check out the tower, floor and apartment no.
  • The super area, carpet area and covered area should be clearly mentioned.
  • Cost and Payment Plan.
  • Additional charges specified in unambiguous terms.
  • Penalty clause.
  • Date of possession.
  • Specifications and amenities committed.
  • Exit option.
  • Resale clause, if any, before actual allotment.

Be an informed buyer to get the best out of your investments!

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